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London Buses
<KUID:1942:11012, 11013, 11030, 23005*, 23007*, 23019*, 23020*, 40003, 40004, 40005*, 40007, 40019*, 40020, 50012*, 50013*, 50026*, 50030* & 50045* >
* = Obsolete
Polygon count: 230 (Class M), 186 (Class MM), 236 (Class VA), 124 (Bus Stops)

Three London buses are available as separate models, two double-deckers (a London Transport class M Metrobus and a London United class VA Volvo B7L) and a single-decker (an MTL London class MM MAN 11.220). Also available are two London bus stop signs (both compulsory and request stops).

The textures for the class M and class MM buses are by kind permission of Ian Smith. If you have an interest in London buses as well as Trainz, visit his excellent web site Bus Stop.

Screenshot 1
Class M Metrobus (London Transport)

Screenshot 2
Class MM of MTL London

Screenshot 3
London United class VA Volvo B7L

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The pre-SP3 versions of the models are available from the following site. See Downloads Page for SP3/UTC Versions.

Class M Metrobus

Class MM MAN 11.220

Class VA Volvo B7L

Bus Stop Signs

Download size (average): 344KB
Approximate Download Time (per model)
14.4K modem 4¼ minutes
28.8K modem 2¼ minutes
33.6K modem 2 minutes
56K modem 1 minute
ISDN (64K) 1 minute
ISDN (128K) ½ minute
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