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Downloading to TRS2004 when
TRS2006 is also installed
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Downloading to TRS 2004 when TRS2006 is also installed
Downloading to TRS 2004 when TRS2006 is also installed
Downloading to TRS 2004 when TRS2006 is also installed

Many people seem to have both TRS2004 and TRS2006 installed on the same machine, but when TRS2006 is first installed it redirects all downloads to its own folders. Several people have asked whether it is possible to download to TRS2004 as well as TRS2006 under these circumstances. The answer is "Yes", and here's how to do it:

An easy way of changing downloads between TRS2004 and TRS2006

In order to make changing the download target from TRS2004 to TRS2006 (and vice versa) easier I have developed a small program to do the whole thing automatically. You can download it from here.

A large number of people have downloaded this program and no reports have been received of any problems, but if you prefer to do things manually rather than rely on a piece of software then you can follow the instructions below.

To switch downloading from TRS2006 to TRS2004

  • Go to the TRS2004 folder called TRS2004\bin and run the file called TrainzHelper.exe.
  • When the TrainzHelper file opens, make sure that TRS2004 is selected in the first box (labelled Trainz Product) as shown below:


  • Click the Save button to close TrainzHelper.
  • Go to the main TRS2004 folder and run the file called ContentDispatcher.exe.
  • As soon as ContentDispatcher opens you can close it again.

You should now find that all downloads are now directed to TRS2004 instead of TRS2006.

To switch downloading from TRS2004 to TRS2006

  • Run the TRS2006 Content Manager Plus.

Where does TRS2006 store the ,CDP files I have downloaded?

When TRS2006 downloads files from the Auran Download Station they are in the form of conpressed .CDP files. TRS2006 stores these in a folder called TRS2006\Cache\Internet along with a lot of other files. Unfortunately the .CDP files do not have meaningful names (for example h4284x7m7.cdp) but they can be recognised by their icons which will be one of the two shown below (depending upon whether you are currently directing downloads to TRS2004 or TRS2006):

TRS2004 .CDP icon     or     TRS2006 .CDP icon

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