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Fire Station
<KUID:1942:11102, 34000*, 34001*, 34002*, 39042, 39100* & 39101>
(* = Obsolete)
Polygon count: 290 (Fire engine), 426 (Fire station) & 392 (Tower)

A typical London fire station built in around 1937

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3
The fire station tower (seen in the background) and the fire engines are available as separate items.

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The model is available from the following site:

Complete set (Fire Station, Tower and Fire Engine)
Download Pre-SP3 Version
See Downloads Page for SP3/UTC Version.

If you only want one or two of the items they can also be downloaded
separately rather than downloading the whole set above:

Fire Station (with fixed fire engine)
Download Pre-SP3 Version
Fire Station Tower
Download Pre-SP3 Version
Fire Engine
Download Pre-SP3 Version
Download size (complete pack): 1.21MB
Approximate Download Time
14.4K modem 15½ minutes
28.8K modem 7¾ minutes
33.6K modem 6½ minutes
56K modem 4 minutes
ISDN (64K) 3½ minutes
ISDN (128K) 1¾ minutes
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