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Signal Gantry
<KUID:1942:24000*, 24001*, 24002*, 24003*, 24004*, 24009, 24013, 24014, 24015, 24017, 24018, 24019, 24020 & 24102 >
* = Obsolete
Polygon count: Signals approx. 300, gantry pieces 360-1200

This is a set of five objects which allow you to create a gantry of any length and place working colour light signals on it. This is most obviously useful where you have a large number of lines placed close together. In this case the normal signals can sometimes end up fouling one of the other tracks.

The gantry itself comes as four separate objects - a gantry end (the upright at each end of the gantry) and three different lengths for joining the two end pieces (a large, a medium and a small section). The signal itself is a separate item and work just like the normal Trainz signals. The picture below shows the five pieces before they are joined together:

Screenshot 1

The use of separate pieces gives great flexibility in creating your gantry. Some examples are shown below:

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

It is even possible to use the signals on their own and attach them to a catenary gantry or to a walkover:

Screenshot 5

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The model is available from the link below:
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Download Pre-SP3 Version
See Downloads Page for SP3/UTC Version.

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