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Proteus Yard

Suitable for Trainz 1.1.2 only ; other versions available here: Trainz 1.3/UTC , TRS2004 , TRS2006

Proteus Yard is a mythical goods yard serving a small industrial estate containing eight different industries. The layout uses the Trainz autopilot (or AI) to deliver a number of trains of wagons which must be sorted and delivered to the various factories on the estate. The number of trains, their composition and their time of arrival are all variable using the supplied software.

The layout is as shown below:

Track layout

The installation program will install the layout into your Trainz\Custom\Maps\Proteus Yard folder.Before using the layout you need to add settings to the driversettings.txt file in your Trainz\Settings folder. Do this by running the program RandConsistz© (which you will find in the Trainz\RandConsistz folder) with the script name Proteus Yard. Once you have done this you can start the game:

  1. Start Trainz and select Driver.
  2. Select Settings and load Proteus Yard.
  3. Select Consist 0 and click the starting button to enter Driver.
In less than a minute a train will arrive on the receiving track (see plan above). Without leaving the SD40 uncouple the loco from the train and set the switch Yard1 to allow the autopilot to take the locomotive away. You can now exit from the yard onto the receiving track and take the wagons into the yard. Whenever you enter or leave the yard make sure that the switches Yard1 and Yard2 are reset to their original positions - failure to do so will mean that the next train arriving on the receiving track will either pass straight through without stopping or will enter the yard!

Once you have the wagons in the yard you can start sorting them using the six sidings provided. The wagons have the following eventual destinations (see map above):

Open wagons (empty) Factory A         Open wagons (full) Factory D
Box cars Factory B         Containers Factory C
Centreflow hoppers Factory E         Flat cars Factory F
Tankers Factory H         All other wagons Factory G

Keep your eye on the receiving track, because other trains will be arriving at intervals during the next 35 minutes or so. You should try not to leave trains standing on the receiving track for any longer than necessary.

The time taken to complete all deliveries will vary depending upon how many trains arrive and their composition, but your aim should be to complete all deliveries within about 60 to 75 minutes of starting.

Speed Limits

The overall speed limit within the yard is 20 mph uncoupled or 15 mph when moving wagons. Failure to stick to the speed limit may lead to derailment (and/or the loss of your job!).

Varying the Game

Sorting the same lot of wagons each time soon gets boring, so a piece of software called RandConsistz© has been supplied with the layout. Run the software (you will find it in the Trainz\RandConsistz folder) before you start Trainz and it will automatically vary the load which each train contains. It may also vary the number of trains and their arrival times. By using the software you should have a different game each time.

Custom Objects Required - None.

Size - Two boards (Industrial estate covers 1 board).


Scfreenshot 1
Train arriving on the receiving track

Screenshot 2
Delivering wagons to the factories

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The layout is available from the following site:

(http://www.tafweb-trainz.co.uk/software/proteus yard.exe)

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