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Proteus Yard

Suitable for Trainz TRS2004 only; other versions available here: Trainz 1.1.2 , Trainz 1.3/UTC , TRS2006

Proteus Yard is a mythical goods yard serving a small industrial estate containing eight different industries. The layout uses the Trainz 1.3/UTC scripting to deliver a number of random trains of wagons which must be sorted and delivered to the various factories on the estate. The number of trains, their composition and their time of arrival are all variable, controlled by the supplied script. Various random events can also take place during play. Two versions of the game are available - the full version and a shorter, easier version (both within the same scenario).

PLEASE NOTE This version of Proteus Yard has not been extensively tested, although it works well on my computer. I reget that if it fails to work correctly on your machine I cannot offer any support.

The layout is as shown below:

Track layout

The download consists of a .zip file containing the .cdp installation file and documentation in Word and PDF format about the game. It is most important that before using the scenario you should read the documentation before playing the game. Once you have done this you can start the game:

  1. Start Trainz and select Scenarios.
  2. Load Proteus2.
  3. Select either the Full version of the game or the shorter, easier version.
  1. Start Trainz and select Driver.
  2. Select Scenarios and load Proteus2.
  3. Select either the Full version of the game (move your locomotive backwards) or the shorter version (by moving your locomotive forwards).
In less than a minute a train will arrive on the receiving track (see plan above), and sound its horn. The loco will then uncouple from the train and move off. Next the points will change and the "call-on" lights below the signal head will light up to allow you out of the yard onto the receiving track so that you can bring the wagons back into the yard

Once you have the wagons in the yard you can start sorting them using the six sidings provided. The wagons have the following eventual destinations (see map above):

Open wagons (empty) Factory A         Open wagons (full) Factory D
Box cars Factory B         Containers Factory C
UC Silos Factory E         Empty Flat cars Factory F
Penn Salt Tankers Factory H         All other wagons Factory G

For those of you who are not sure about what wagons should go to which factories, a zip file containing an Acrobat PDF format document is available to download HERE with pictures of all of the wagons used.

Other trains will be arriving at intervals during the next 35 minutes or so. You should try not to leave trains standing on the receiving track for any longer than necessary.

The time taken to complete all deliveries will vary depending upon how many trains arrive and their composition, but you should be able to complete the full version of the scenario in about 45 minutes (or about 30 minutes for the shorter version).

Speed Limits

The overall speed limit within the yard is 15 mph. Failure to stick to the speed limit will incur the Yard Foreman's displeasure, as will harsh coupling.

Custom Objects Required

A few custom objects are required and they are all supplied within the scenario package.

Size - One board


Screenshot 1
Train on the receiving track

Screenshot 2
Delivering wagons to the factories

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The scenario is available from the following site:


Also available:

Acrobat document showing the wagon types and where they are to be delivered.
Download HERE

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