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Suburban Station (Terminus)
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Polygon count: 2000

This model is based on a London suburban station. It has been modelled as a 6-track terminus and comes in two versions: one uses the standard Trainz double-track spacing of 5m centre-to-centre, while the other uses the normal UK and European track spacing of 4m. The models are identical apart from the track spacing. For the UK version you can use two single tracks instead or David Tweddle's excellent Euro Track - available from Trainz.Luvr.Net. A platform extension as also available so that you can accomodate longer trains in the station. NOTE: If you already have the platform extension for the Suburban Station (Through lines) then you do not need to download this again.

NOTE: If you have upgraded to Trainz v.1.3 or Trainz UTC, this model is included in the built-in content and you do not need to download it.

Screenshot 1
Entrance to station. (The forecourt is a separate item included with the download)

Screenshot 2
From the platform side

Screenshot 3
Driver's view from an arriving train

Screenshot 4
A platform at night

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The model is available from the following site:

Standard Trainz Double Track (5m. centres)


UK Double Track (4m. centres)


Platform Extension


Download size (approx.): 1.03MB
Approximate Download Time
14.4K modem 13¼ minutes
28.8K modem 6½ minutes
33.6K modem 5½ minutes
56K modem 3¼ minutes
ISDN (64K) 3 minutes
ISDN (128K) 1½ minutes
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