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Latest version: 6.0 Build 544
NOTE: TrainzObjectz can NOT be used with TRS2006

Before going any further, please note the following:

Due to ill-health, the latest version of TrainzObjectz has been released without the Help file being updated. There may also be one or two minor bugs (see NOTE below) which would otherwise have been dealt with. There is absolutely no reason why this new version should cause any problems for your Trainz installation, but if you prefer to work with the older version of TrainzObjectz, it can still be downloaded from here.

NOTE: One major bug has come to light since release - the correct "kind" is not picked up if error checking is not set to "Full". This has been corrected in Build 544. If you downloaded Build 543, you can download a small patch (289KB) to update Build 543 to Build 544.

With the increasing number of custom objects being produced for Trainz it is becoming difficult to find the one you want in Surveyor. Each creator has his/her own idea about which Region their object belongs in and what its Type should be. TrainzObjectz will list all the custom objects (including scenery, spline objects, track, trackside objects, textures, rolling stock and rollng stock parts) which you have installed and tell you the Region and Type to which each has been allocated and much more. Even better than that, TrainzObjectz allows you to change the Region and Type and even the Name of the object so that you can create your own "filing system" for your objects.

TrainzObjectz now contains six pages - here is an example of the main one:

Custom Contents Page

Version 6.0 is optimized for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (TRS2004) with the SP2 Passenger Pack installed, but will probably still work with Trainz UTC and (to a lesser extent) with Trainz 1.3.

Version 6.0 includes some new features, and some changes in the way TrainzObjectz works. Unfortunately, due to ill-health, I have been unable to update the Help file to take account of these changes, but a list of all changes is given below and is imcluded with the download.

Read about the latest changes to TrainzObjectz below, or skip straight to the Download section.

Version 6.0 - Build 544

  • Fixed bug which stopped custom content displaying properly if "Full error checking" was not selected.

Version 6.0 - Build 543

  • Fixed most KUID2 bugs.
  • Attempted to make changing of Region/Origin more obvious (differences for RS and other items).
  • Corrected bug which missed "kuid-table{" error.
  • Allowed easy saving of trainzoptions.txt as user's default.
  • Missing brackets can now be fixed automatically where TO can determine the correct location.
  • Stopped TO picking up "KIND" from within brackets (e.g. "kind lever").
  • Can now check custom objects on a map for missing dependencies.
  • Improved routines to check for unused RS parts and missing RS parts (Takes more account of KUID2 format).
  • Added item to Maps Page right-click menu to enable custom vehicles to be added to roads on a map.
  • Above is also available on the Custom Objects page right-click menu when a map is selected.
  • Added item to Custom Objects page right-click menu (visible only when a map object is selected) to show custom vehicles used on roads in the map (disabled if there are none).
  • Updated "Find Obsolete Objects" routine to include items obsoleted using the KUID2 format.
  • Added function to "Menu" button to remove excessive tabs, spaces and quotes from config.txt files.
  • Allowed replacement of industries (with appropriate warning message).
  • KUID2 objects can now be replaced.
  • Automatic installation of .cdp files from within TO now occurs without the user having to click OK button for each one.
  • "Placeholder" objects (highly visible) can now be inserted inm place of missing objects on a map.
  • Fixed bug which could cause wrong folder to be shown when item transferred back from archive.
  • Added option to right-click menu to check dependencies (where appropriate).
  • Restricted option to add 'invisible passengers' to 'traincar' types only.
  • Bad 'nightmode' error now offer option od changing to 'home', 'lamp', or 'constant' instead of just 'home'.
  • Using a leading '0' in KUID2 format (e.g. KUID2:1234:5678:02) is now considered a configuration error and TO will query it (and optionally change it).
  • Removed the "Ignore" button from error message forms (too dangerous and unnecessary).
  • Added TroubleShooting button to main toolbar.
  • Added button to search for text in config.txt files.
  • Improved routine to check for obsolete items.
  • Added right-click menu item to allow the addition of any 'invisible' products to rolling stock (previously limited to passengers).
  • Added ability to decide quantity of 'invisible' products/passengers allowed in rolling stock.
  • Fixed minor bug where a final single quote would be removed from name when there was no initial single quote (e.g.: Yacht 'Christine').
  • Included warning when object requires SP4 and the Service Pack has not been installed.
  • Included warning when object requires TRS2004 and user has UTC or earlier (shouldn't be able to download, but might get from another web site?).
  • Included a check for missing RS parts when a newly-downloaded item of rolling stock is detected on startup (provided error-checking is set to FULL). ESC will abort this check if taking too long.
  • Added F7 as a shortcut when starting the process of replaceing an item in a map (as well as when the item to use as a replacement has been selected).
  • Now shows the correct number of bridge and track items replaced in a map rather than the number of spline points replaced.
  • When deleting a map, TO now offers to delete associated profiles as well.
  • Changes to zipped layout routines. (Routine coluld fail on large maps - zip file is now split into several files if necessary).
  • When packaging a map, now have option of including profiles (if any).
  • Added "Check for missing dependencies" to Menu button (checks all items except rolling stock and maps).
  • Changes to formatting and printing of search results.
  • When searching for missing objects in archives, now uses a quicker routine with no error checking.
  • Allowed search for missing items when checking an onject's dependencies.
  • Changes to Maps page routine which checks dependencies of custom objects - was missing some obsoleting items.
  • Right clicking a grid header now brings up the form to choose which columns to view rather than the right-click menu.
  • Added option in Preferences to "Remove excess formatting when editing config.txt"
  • Added check for duplicate KUIDs when starting up (even if error checking is OFF).
  • Added option to rename .cdp files "KUID and Name" as well as "Name and KUID".
  • Added F2 to bring up a combo box for editing Region, Type/Company, and Region-Code. NOTE: Press F2 to start editing using combobox, otherwise normal editing takes place.
  • Changed edit fields to combo boxes in Region, Type and Origin fields of multi-edit form.
  • Added option to Menu button to backup/restore settings files.
  • Minor changes to multiedit - stop RS having "Region" changed both on grid and in config file. Must make entry in "Origin" on multiedit form to change Region column.
  • Added options to sort map page by kind and by region as well as by KUID.
  • Added item to right-click menu under "Selection" - "Check for missing dependencies".
  • Added items to "Consists" right-click menu to save a consist and to reload a consist.
  • Added item to "Preferences" on Menu button menu - "Quick initialisation by default". User then needs to hold SHIFT on startup to get full initialisation.
  • Consist list is now sorted alphabetically as in Surveyor.
  • Added option to right-click menu for scenery/industry objects in TRS2004 - "Allow Roll Adjustment".
  • TO now makes a backup of config.txt (config.txt.backup) when auto-correcting errors.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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Firefox fix
Some people have reported problems using TrainzObjectz with the Firefox browser. This seems to be due to later versions of Firefox not registering themselves with Windows in the same way as in the past. Here is a small program which will fix this problem:

Download Firefox Fix

Trainz Object Explorer
Download Trainz Object Explorer by Tolaris from Trainz.Luvr.Net
(Note: Trainz.Luvr.Net does not support the use of download managers such as GetRight)

Please note that Trainz Object Explorer was created in 2003 by Adam Wojcieszyk and has not been updated since then. Consequently it will not work with a lot of the latest content. I am unable to give any support for this program.

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