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Latest version: 5.0c Build 436

With the increasing number of custom objects being produced for Trainz it is becoming difficult to find the one you want in Surveyor. Each creator has his/her own idea about which Region their object belongs in and what its Type should be. TrainzObjectz will list all the custom objects (including scenery, spline objects, track, trackside objects, textures, rolling stock and rollng stock parts) which you have installed and tell you the Region and Type to which each has been allocated and much more. Even better than that, TrainzObjectz allows you to change the Region and Type and even the Name of the object so that you can create your own "filing system" for your objects.

TrainzObjectz now contains six pages - here is an example of the main one:

Custom Contents Page

Details of each page are given in the Help file, which you can access from within the program or view here (click Open if you are asked whether to Open or Save).

Version 5.0c is optimized for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (TRS2004) with the SP2 Passenger Pack installed, but will still work with Trainz UTC and (to a lesser extent) with Trainz 1.3. Version 5.0 includes many new features, including the ability to edit the built-in content. Most of the changes are listed below.

Read about the latest changes to TrainzObjectz below, or skip straight to the Download section.

Version 5.0c - Build 436

  • Added a checkbox to allow viewing of only those items which appear in the Trainz error log (log0.html).
  • All references to the Download Station now point to the new TRS Download Station.
  • Added "Selection - Copy to another Trainz installation" to right-click menu.
  • Added "Allow 'invisible' passengers" to right-click menu (for both single items and all selected items). Adds necessary code to allow a piece of rolling stock to carry 'invisible' passengers.
  • List of built-in content updated to include new items introduced with the SP2 Passenger Pack.
  • A number of bug fixes.

Version 5.0b - Build 420

  • Added the ability to replace an object in a map with another object.
  • Added a menu item to check an object's config.txt file for errors (even if error checking is switched off).
  • You can now create a link to another version of Trainz from within TrainzObjectz.
  • Added menu item to find all profiles using a particular map.
  • Where there are unkown objects in a map file TrainzObjectz can now report their type and how often they appear in the map.
  • TrainzObjectz now attempts to give a hint about where any missing closing brackets in config.txt files should go.
  • When searching for missing items in .cdp files, the files can now be stored in a series of sub-folders.
  • Several minor bug fixes.
Version 5.0a (TRS2004 SP1) - Build 392

  • Changes to cope with the revised formatting of config.txt files introduced by SP1.
  • Added a few additional error checks.
  • Added option to remove rolling stock from a map's kuid-table.
  • Added option to remove/restore smoke effects from selected scenery and industry items (not rolling stock).
  • When checking for missing items on a map, TO now looks at each object's kuid-table to see if there are any other required items.
  • Fixed bug which did not recognise "steam-engine" as an "enginespec".
  • Added "Copy selected items" to Custom grid right-click menu.
  • Added check for unnecessary .texture.txt files when viewing textures.
  • Added option to create Restore Point on startup automatically (max. of 8 kept).
  • Error checking can now be "Full", "Basic" or "Disabled".
  • Allowed for extra "unsupported" folders in \World as well as \World\Dispatcher.
  • Added "Check Mesh Exists" to custom page menu.
  • Added check for 'orphaned' profiles.
  • Fixed bug which stopped disabling being turned off.
  • Small changes to editing routines for Region/Origin to make it more consistent.
Version 5.0 (TRS2004) - Build 357

  • Fixed bug which could stop "disabling" working in some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug which could stop author's KUID number being detected in some circumstances.
  • Added a few additional error checks for config.txt files.
Version 5.0 (TRS2004) - Build 354

  • Items on the Built-in Page can now be edited, allowing you to organise the built-in content in the same way as the custom content. If you think you may use this feature, please refer to the page on Editing Built-in Content before downloading.
  • Added code to automatically reduce font size to fit page when printing grids. ON by default, but can be turned off via Preferences in Menu.
  • Added a column to the Custom Page to show Products produced or required by each item (where applicable).
  • Added extra columns to Built-in Page: "Disabled", "Origin", "Author", "Website" and "Products".
  • When listing the content of a map, you now have the option of searching .cdp files to find any missing items.
  • Added an internal editor with limited syntax highlighting for viewing config.txt files.
  • View Textures now also checks for missing and unrequired textures.
  • Added toolbar button to check for updates to TrainzObjectz.
  • Added "Reset everything to default" to Options Page.
  • Added routine to automatically move archive files to new location.
  • Included LOD (Level of Detail support) in custom and built-in pages.
  • Where LOD is supported you now have the option of viewing low-detail meshes in TOE.
  • "Custom" columns can now be edited.
  • Added 3 options for renaming TrainzHelper .cdp files.
  • Replaced "Settings" with "Consists" for TRS2004.
  • Added ability add new consists, and to delete whole consists or individual vehicles from "Consists" page.
  • Added ability to create HTML thumbnail pages of .cdp file images.
  • Added menu option to rename and move Download Helper .cdp files.
  • Allowed archives to be placed in a separate folder. Do not now have to be in Trainz folder.
  • Added new 'kinds' for TRS2004 (Industry, Passenger-station, etc.).
  • Added check for unmatched quotes in config.txt files on start-up.
  • Now also searches for consist entries in Scenario config.txt files.
  • When reading config files, a check can now be made for missing/too many closing brackets. This can be switched on/off and is OFF by default (switch on by using "Allow Full Error Checking").
  • Rolling stock parts now checked after .cdp files are installed.
  • Map drop-down now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Some changes made to allow beta-testers to use TrainzObjectz with beta versions of Trainz.
  • TrainzObjectz can be used with UTC and TRS2004 where both are installed on the same computer.
  • Added option to edit location of alternative Trainz versions.
  • When checking for RS Parts, TrainzObjectz now looks for updated items (i.e. in obsolete-table entries).
  • Added check for space missing between 'obsolete-table' and '{'.
  • Check for Missing RS Parts now checks that 'alias' exists.
  • Added option to Menu to delete Dispatcher.chump file.
  • Show RS Parts and Check for Missing RS Parts now checks that 'kind' is correct.
  • Added "Check for unused 'name' entries (and remove)".
  • Added option to Preferences to set page control to tabs/buttons/flat buttons.
  • Class column hint shows meaning of "category-class" code.
  • Many other minor changes and bug fixes.
Changes in Build 196 (Beta)

  • Custom objects now held in memory while viewing archive (unless changed by copying from archive).
  • Changes to cope with new KUID format <KUID2:xxxxx:yyyyy:zz>.
  • Removed "Correct KUID Formats" - now checked automatically on startup/reading archives.
  • Added ability to delete whole archive and all its contents. Item added under PREFERENCES to allow deletion of archives.
  • With AUTOCAPS on, sorting is now non-case-sensitive.
  • Added editing for obsolete-table.
  • Added check for leading zeros in KUIDs.
  • Added option to restore map contents from archive.
  • Added buttons to control lighting when viewing object in TOE.
  • Added a check for folders with missing config.txt files on startup.
  • Added toolbar button to zip selection.
  • Added option to Menu button to use std. Windows form colours.
  • TrainzObjectz now checks for badly formed KUIDs at startup.
  • Added "Groups" combo at top. A selection can now be saved as a "Group" for easy re-selection.
  • Added code to keep selection when sorting/changing categories.
  • Added code to show which items in a map are disabled.
  • Included "Fit columns to screen".
  • Included menu option to change location of TOE.
  • Can now do a secondary and tertiary sort by holding Ctrl while clicking column heading(s).
  • Grids now use ticks instead of "yes" and can be clicked to change.
  • Added column to both grids to disable an item (as per Content Manager).
  • Added "Check for missing RS parts" to main menu.
  • Added options to both Custom and Builtin pages to show "description" where available.
  • Added "Favorites" column (editable) to Builtin Sheet.
  • Added "Show dependencies" to Builtin Sheet for rolling stock.
  • Added " - LOCO" to "traincar" where appropriate.
  • "Favorites" column added. Can now edit favorites from grid.
  • Added "Selected Items Only" checkbox.
  • Reskins are now marked.
  • Can now use JPEG.EXE to convert from captured TOE file from .bmp to .jpg file if present in TO folder. Nikos Siolios (http://homepages.pathfinder.gr/nsiolios/)
  • Added button to toolbar to capture contents of TOE window. Normally user should click window to copy to clipboard. If Ctrl, whole window copied. If Alt, window is saved to file.
  • TrainzObjectz now checks Trainz\Engines folder for custom enginespecs.
  • Added option to list and view texture files for an object.
  • Deleted files are now sent to the Recycle Bin instead of being permanently deleted (hold Shift to permanently delete).
  • Added summary of missing items when checking all maps.
  • Added option to highlight custom objects contained in a particular map on the grid pages.
  • Added ability to load data from saved files if Ctrl or Shift key down on startup ("Quick Initialise").
  • Added option to use Custom Lighting in TOE.
  • Added option to play soundscript where available.
  • Searching for KUID/text can now choose to search all, or only visible items.
  • Added ability to search DS for missing RS parts, and to select RS parts on grid.
  • On startup TrainzObjectz, checks for extra spaces in "asset-filename", "mesh", "kind" and "night" entries.
  • Added approx. polygon count (very approximate - based on size of mesh file).
  • Option to install multiple .cdp files.
  • Double-clicking a "Hornsound" or "Enginesound" causes the sound file(s) to be played: horn1.wav for hornsounds, and idle 1.wav to idle 8.wav for enginesounds (Abort button visible here).

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Other links you may find of interest:

Download TrainzObjectz 5.0c Build 436 from this web site
Full Download size: 2.25MB
Approximate Download Time
14.4K modem 29¾ minutes
28.8K modem 15 minutes
33.6K modem 12¾ minutes
56K modem 7½ minutes
ISDN (64K) 6¾ minutes
ISDN (128K) 3½ minutes
ADSL (500K) ¾ minute

Download Trainz Object Explorer by Tolaris from Trainz.Luvr.Net
(Note: Trainz.Luvr.Net does not support the use of download managers such as GetRight)

Please note that Trainz Object Explorer was created in 2003 by Adam Wojcieszyk and has not been updated since then. Consequently it will not work with a lot of the latest content. I am unable to give any support for this program.

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